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Slip and Slide

Slip and Slide

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Wet Sliding Fun for the Whole Family

Our fabulous Ninja outdoor water toy is a full 21ft long and 6ft wide. With 3 lanes, there’s room enough for even the most competitive lawn surfers.

No Bumps & Bruises - This kit comes with 3 inflatable slide boogies so that your body never touches the ground. It also has an inflatable crash pad. Safer, faster and a whole lot more fun for kids & adults.

Premium Quality - Unlike other, cheaper slides, the Atlasonix Ninja Water Slide is made from heavy duty, high quality PVC. With the right treatment (see instructions) this water chute will last you for many happy occasions and many summers.

Cool Fun on Hot Days in Minutes in the Backyard - Easy Setup and everything you need is in the kit: U.S. hose adapters female & male, 6 pegs to stabilize and prevent movement. Always dry before returning to storage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Heather N Teller

How is something that is supposed to be brand new arrives like this? I haven’t taken it out of the box fully. Really hoping nothing is wrong with it since it’s for a birthday party this weekend.

Keep looking!

The plastic pins that are supposed to hold it in place, easily break when screwing into the ground. The holes in the sides are in the wrong place. They don’t spray to the inside towards the slide. Tried to twist the side to make them spray inward but they just spring back. The bubble on the end is much smaller than what is pictured unless you blow it up to the point of bursting. I would not recommend this slide.

Summer fun

I think my husband and I got more use out of it than our kiddo but it was fun. 5 yr old having a hard time getting all the way to the end.

Robert R.
Popped after 3 uses

we were hoping this was going to be the one that held up for the summer but just like the one we bought before it this one popped and is now just a slide with no water that we are putting a sprinkler next to it very disappointing for the price

Soccer mom
Extra width allows safe racing fun

We have had a slip n slide in the past but I really like the extra wide distance of this one because it added a whole new component of racing each other which the kids loved! It technically had 3 lanes but being a paranoid mother we kept the middle lane free to prevent collisions and knocking heads.