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Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

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The Atlasonix Punch Bag For Soft And Safe Fun!

Built to last from heavy-duty and durable non-toxic materials that you can trust.

Easy to use - Simply fill the base with water (no heavy sand to carry around) and fill the top with air. Couldn’t be easier!

Size - Fully inflated it stands at 63 inches (that’s 5’3”) - the perfect size so the whole family can enjoy it.

Safe - He’s only filled with air so he’s soft and light and can’t do any damage; however hard he’s hit.

Reliable - Even all that hard punching and kicking won’t knock the wind out of him, and he’ll stay upright until you decide to put him away.

No Leaks - Extra durable material ensures that he will not leak the water that’s keeping him upright.

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