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Domino Train Set

Domino Train Set

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"My First Domino Lay Challenge"

We bet you played domino rally when you were kids. Atlasonix brings you your kids' first Domino Set-up Game.

Easy Domino Collection To Set Up And Knockdown - By simply pressing the quick-load domino magazine on to the domino, your colorful blocks go up into the holder and stay there until your train releases them as it travels over the floor or table, leaving a perfect row of dominoes just waiting to be knocked down.

Great Bonding Experience For Parents And Grandparents With Children - It’s a lot of fun while aiding in the development of color recognition, cognitive abilities, spatial relationships and teamwork.

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Customer Reviews

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joseph focil ycaza
The gift is great for kids

My son absolutely loved this gift we got for him ! He has spent hours playing with the train and the dominos. I highly recommend this gift the quality was great.

fun on the run

I ordered this for my niece's 2nd birthday. They opened the package and got right into the fun of playing with it. It's durable, colorful, and so much fun!

Rosana P
Great toy for kids to share

Bought this train for my nephew (3yo) that loves trains. This was a big hit with him with the sound and lights but also my kids that are older (9 & 11) loved it as well and couldn’t wait until it was done to knock the dominos down. So much fun for everyone! Love it.

Kids love it

Simple even for a 4 year old. Great engine sounds and works well on flat surface

Emily DiMarco
My 6 year old son loves it!

Versatility, as it’s a great learning tool for a variety of ages. My 6 year old son loves it!