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Classic Train Set

Classic Train Set

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Little Boys Dream Of Electric Trains - The Arizona 1901 Electric Toy Train sets is the perfect introduction to the world of model train sets. The classic style locomotive steam engine with 8 rail tracks (6 curved and 2 straight), 3 train cars and bonus 4 model horses. 

Easy To Assemble - The modular train tracks slot into each other easily and firmly to your desired layout. Place the brightly colored engine and cars precisely on the tracks so it doesn’t go off the rails and watch it go. Lights and sounds make the experience really exciting. 

An Educational Opportunity - Electric polar train sets for kids give your kids or grandkids the opportunity to understand history from close up. A life where trains were responsible for industrial and personal changes that had simply not been possible before.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 361 reviews
Liked It So Much He Didn’t Want To Stop

My Great Nephew like the train set so much that he would stop playing with it.

Nico Vela
The customer service was excellent and the toy was amazing.

My great grandson, who is three years old and quite energetic, adores this train. What's even better is that it has withstood his playful handling since Christmas.

Kunal Sampat
Train of love

I am displeased that the horses cannot stand on their own, so I had to use super glue to keep them in place during transportation. However, aside from this issue, the train set is quite enjoyable.

Kunal Sampat
The grandson has a great fondness for it.

The plastic used is of low quality. A particular car frequently derails from the track while the train is in motion. I wouldn't recommend buying it again due to these issues. However, if you're searching for an affordable train set for a 4/5 year old as a first-time purchase, then this may suit your needs.

maria abreu
There is nothing to say.