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UFO Mini Hand Drone

UFO Mini Hand Drone

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Infinite Play Possibilities - Atlasonix takes drone flying for kids to the next level with this unique magic flying UFO drone toy. Controlled with hand gestures this kids’ drone encourages hand eye coordination.

Great Maneuverability, Safe & Fun! - An amazing gadget, this hands free hover drone is suitable for beginners and amateurs. Quick to recharge with the USB cable provided, they’ll be playing for days.

Fly It Day Or Night - Vibrant LED lights make this the perfect party toy! Hand controlled flying drones take your party to its limit. It’s the latest, most advanced flying toy since the flying ball.

This Toy Drone Is Flying Off the Shelves - The ultimate gift for the coming holidays, don’t wait! It’s destined to be the number 1 seller for Holidays of 2022.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super cool

Awesome!! The drone follows the movement of your hand and flies around the house, escaping obstacles with sensors. It runs for about 10min, flashing lights, and getting the kids excited.

Excelente calidad de producto

Hermoso juego interactivo para los niños. A mi hijo le encantó! Lo super recomiendo

Awesome toy!

I bought this gift for my nephew's birthday and he really loved it!! very easy to use and it was safe fun for everyone!my kids loved it too! I will surely buy it again for them.

Melina Santos
Too much fun with this toy !!!

I highly recommend this toy!! My kids got crazy with it. It doesn't take much to operate it - just throw it in the air and move it around using your hands. It is so much fun that it is addictive. Everyone that I show it to loves and wants to get one.