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Bubble Wands

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Experience the joy of GIANT bubbles with the lowest price! If you're looking for a way to get your kids off the gadgets, this is the best activity to keep them active! The entire family will enjoy this! 



  • ATLASONIX FOR THE BEST BUBBLES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS, EVER! One of the first games we play with our children is making bubbles in the bath. That is how important bubbles are to our lives and that is why almost everyone has such a happy reaction to bubbles.
  • MONSTER BUBBLES Are our way of taking bubbles to the next level. Teachers and kindergarten teachers can use this as a great opportunity to teach the physics involved in creating them. OR, we can just have a really good time with this outdoor toy.
  • ATLASONIX HAS CREATED THE ULTIMATE KIDS OUTDOOR TOY Whether you are a professional creating stunning shows or street performances, or a parent or grandparent creating a fun day for the kids, this is the right super bubble wand for you.
  • COMFORT AND EASE OF USE FOR ALL Made of two sturdy and durable rods, long enough for adults but comfortable for kids too, you have complete control of the super-absorbent string which is responsible for the enormous bubbles you will create with this wand.
  • A SET OF 4 WANDS Because if there’s one thing better than making really big bubbles, it’s making them with friends and family. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone and you’ll love being number 1, or not - it’s not important, just enjoy!
  • MAKE MEMORIES WITH GIANT BUBBLE WANDS Your next outdoors party / camping trip / birthday party or trip to the park will become one to remember when you bring out this outdoor game for kids and adults. Easter is on the horizon and before you know it it will be July 4th so get in some practice.
  • WARNING! making enormous bubbles is addictive! It has also been shown to make children very tired and hungry, causing them to eat and sleep extremely well!
  • We’ve made sure to include clear instructions and tips so you’ll get the best out of this kit. BUY YOURS TODAY and get ready for the fun!

This kit will include:

  • Set of 4 bubble wand (8 pieces)